Crab Legs for Dinner

I pulled into the driveway this afternoon to a pleasant surprise. My five-year-old grandson was standing on the porch with my husband and they were both grinning from ear to ear. “Guess what, Nana! We have a ‘versary’ surprise for dinner tonight!”  (As I wrote in a previous entry, our wedding anniversary is this weekend. ) He was so excited, he was dancing from foot to foot, his Star Wars tennis shoes lighting up with each hop.

We came in together and I went to the study to put my book bag down while my husband and my grandson unpacked mysterious grocery bags in the kitchen. “Don’t come in yet- you’ll ruin the crab legs surprise, Nana!” Chuckling, I went upstairs to change my clothes and read the paper.He finally came up and snuggled on the bed so we could read his five favorite books for this week- a ritual we started several years ago. He chooses  five new favorite books on Sunday afternoon and we read those five books first every time he comes in that week. This week’s include Chicka, Chicka Boom Boom,  Anamalia, and  The Napping House– all great choices. Once we’d read through all his faves,  the men disappeared back down to the kitchen and I settled in for a short nap.

Soon, it was time for dinner. No bed picnic tonight- “Pappa said dinner was too juicy,” my grandson explained as he led me down to the kitchen to eat. The breakfast bar had been set with candles, a plate of delicious broiled flounder, mashed potatoes and the piece de resistance- a bowl of steaming crab legs. After I showed how surprised I was at the special “versary” dinner, we settled down to slurp crab legs and butter. Everything was delicious, including the company. Our dinner talk when Robbie joins us is always broadly ranging, and tonight was no exception. We talked about what it meant to be a soldier, how many children he wanted to have when he got married , where crabs come from, and how Curious George could ski in space (he must have been dreaming!). When we were all as full as we could be, everyone did a part of the kitchen clean up.

Now, my husband and Robbie have gone out to pick up milk and bread. (They forgot them when they were in the store earlier, plotting our dinner!) I’m sure they’ll also stop for Frosties- another Friday night tradition, while I post this for today’s SOL.  Knowing I will be writing something each day has changed the way I go through it. I find I’m looking at things more closely, trying to picture them as small, sweet (or not-so-sweet, depending upon the day) slices of an ordinary life. I also find that my life is not so ordinary. What a gift this challenge has been. And what a special, crabby, ‘versary’ dinne we had tonight.


3 responses to “Crab Legs for Dinner

  1. Love this post! I love how you scripted what your grandson said. The dinner table conversation sounded adorable, definitely not dull. A beautiful slice to remember.

  2. Oh, a special ‘versary’ dinner with a special grandson to boot! You really captured your evening, from the special read aloud time to the nap to the dinner to the posting of your slice. What a special day. Happy “versary”!

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