Coffee on the Nightstand

I am trying to get my kids back into the rhythms of writers’ workshop after a long, dreadful, dry spell of standardized testing prep. Today we talked about writing small and I shared some of the blog posts I’ve been enjoying for the last few weeks. Then, we made lists of all the small, often mundane things we overlook but that make our lives richer. During one of these sessions, I added  “coffee on the nightstand ” to my growing list and knew I’d found today’s SOL entry.

Every morning, I wake up to a fresh cup of coffee on the nightstand, steamy and fragrant, inviting me to wake up just a little and then linger another moment while the caffeine does its trick. I am ashamed to admit that many mornings, I take this wonderful little gesture for granted, as I stagger to turn off the alarm and curse the calendar that says March and not July. My husband, who is not a coffee drinker, gets up a few minutes earlier than I do, about one full snooze cycle sooner. He goes downstairs every morning and brews a fresh pot of coffee. He pours a cup for the nightstand and fills a travel mug for the drive in to school later.  Then he brings up the mug and gets in the shower. He has been doing this every school day for twenty six years. How do I love him? Let me count the coffee cups! Thank you SOLC, for bringing this simple gesture into new clarity for me.


5 responses to “Coffee on the Nightstand

  1. I loved the line, “Let me count the coffee cups!” – a fun creative spin on an older quote. I always enjoy hearing about different morning rituals. I was surprised to see that your husband has been doing this for 26 years. What a nice long-term gesture.

  2. What a wonderful husband you have. I love how you took a small gesture like this and made it so important and meaningful. It shows how small things can mean so much. “Let me count the coffee cups!” is a great line. Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. Will you share this writing small with your kids? You should, it is perfect. How blessed you are to have a man who does this for you. You have a way with words. Ditto comments ahead of me.

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