I’m back and I needed the break!

I’ve missed all the posting deadlines for this weekend, but I have a really good excuse. The dog ate them. No, wait, my kids would say that! I do feel badly that I missed posting, but I also have both good and bad reasons for doing so. Friday was one of those days that if they happened more than once or twice a school year, we’d all bail! Two of my colleagues called in sick with the crud that everyone but them had already had; no subs were available, so things were crazy keeping the kids productive. In addition to the lessons plans for the non-existent subs, I had also received an email late Thursday night from my curriculum leader “strongly encouraging me” to rethink my lesson plans for Friday in order to do testing prep for the field tests the kids are taking this week. These field tests will impact nothing, the scores will not be reported and will affect no one, students, me or my center, in any way. As I had already done several weeks of test prep, I was going to keep on teaching, but…. so, I did test prep all day Friday to classes that had 10 or so extra kids per section. It was a blast- I’m being ironic here. The only thing that saved me was that we left right from school for Hatteras, North Carolina.

Friends there had an anniversary party for us Friday evening with amazing food and lots of friends, both old and new and it was a wonderful evening. We finished the day from Hell at 2:30 in the morning with a bottle of Bailey’s Irish on the beach watching the stars and I missed Friday’s posting deadline.

Saturday we attended the wedding of two friends who had finally found their soul mates after years in unhappy first marriages. The wedding was lovely, and we celebrated with them until the wee hours. I again missed the posting deadline, but I was feeling happier than I had in weeks.

Sunday was laid back and lovely. We spent hours on the beach; I read Creating a Writing- Rich High School, and my husband fished and we slept in the sun and walked on the beach and just de-stressed. I took today off (day one of the infamous Field Testing!!) so we had a late dinner of fresh tuna steaks on the grill, good wine, bocce ball, good talk and just a quiet space of escape that I didn’t realize how desperately I needed. Again, I missed the posting deadline as we chatted in front of the fire and time drifted away.

We headed home at lunchtime today, after a leisurely brunch. We stopped on the beach and watched a pod of dolphins head south following a small school of fish. We shopped a few antique shops along the road home and got in just about the time I would be coming home from school. I don’t dread going in tomorrow, I have ideas for breathing some life into my workshop, despite four days next week TESTING- district benchmarks this time. But it’s OK. I know now I can do this. I was reminded that all work makes me dull and testy and isn’t good for anyone. And we’re planning another get away next month for my birthday. I can stand anything for a month!


4 responses to “I’m back and I needed the break!

  1. Diane, it sounds like a wonderful, refreshing weekend. The pod of dolphins and the beach – breathtaking. You line “I feel happier than I have in weeks” sounds like a definite needed weekend. Be refreshed and glad you are back slicing. 🙂

    • I think sometimes we, or at least I, develop a sort of tunnel vision this time of year. It’s easy to lose sight of our own needs as we scramble to meet every one else’s. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Welcome back! I told myself when I started this madness that I would do what I could. If that meant a post every day, then great. If it did not, I wasn’t going to lose sleep over it. I’m glad you wrote this post as I felt like I was on a mini-vacation as I read. I enjoyed the beach, the parties, the conversations. Thanks!

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