The weather is unseasonably warm here and that means the classrooms are like ovens by lunch time. Hopefully, maintenance will get the air turned on before we leave for spring break the first of April. Today was almost intolerable. Every teacher who had one ( or two or three) had fans running full tilt. The office and the library were the only  islands of cool in an otherwise miserably humid building. I’m not sure who I felt sorrier for, my poor sweating kids or me.

About 1:30, there was a loud pop and the lights dimmed, went out, then came back dimly. Promethean boards went black, printers stopped printing, fans died and what little tepid air that was flowing from the convectors stopped altogether. Apparently, we’d blown a transformer. Finally the hall lights came back up, but dim, with some flashing randomly. I am a migraine sufferer and I had a bad feeling about this.

Sure enough,  by the time we dismissed at 4:00, I had the beginnings of a pounding migraine and couldn’t wait to get home. The weather is beautiful and the sun is shining, but I came home, pulled the blinds, cranked up the air and slept away the early evening. After cooling down and getting away from the lights and the flashing, I am feeling a bit better, but I’ve lost Friday night. And I love Friday night.  Friday night is a lot like the hours immediately after a migraine has passed. It feels really good because it felt so bad right before! This is the best I have for tonight.


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