Dirty Little Secrets

As I was getting my materials and resources together to do some planning for next week, I realized I have a serious problem, one that Amazon has only made worse. I order professional books, write my name across the pages, file them on my bookshelves, and forget I’ve ordered them. Today I found three brand new book stuck on my shelf that I had no idea I’d purchased. One was Jeff Anderson’s Ten Things Every Writer Needs to Know. A second title was Kelly Gallagher’s Write Like This. Brand new, spines unbroken, one still wrapped in the shrink wrap (That must have been the day I was coming in just ahead of my husband and didn’t want to explain ANOTHER Amazon box on the porch!) I love new books, so instead of feeling embarrassed or appalled at finding these books, I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to look at them again.  I  ran a hot bath, popped in my ear buds and settled in for a long soak and a good read.

Last summer, Amazon “invited” me to have one of their Visa accounts. I was all over that like white on rice. “I’ll only use it sparingly,” I told myself, as I clicked ‘buy’ on the Amazon website. I get “free” books with all the points I accrue, I argue with myself. And so another addict was born. I am running out of shelf space, so I am hoping that nothing I really need to read comes out anytime soon. That is, unless Amazon sells bookcases, too.


7 responses to “Dirty Little Secrets

  1. Haha. This is me. I often hide the box so my husband doesn’t see it. And I have both those books and haven’t read them yet–life caught up to me I guess. You’ve inspired me to dig them out!

  2. I have totally played the quick hide the box from Amazon from the husband game. Lately I’ve given up and just take the raised eyebrows as I retreat with my treasure. Glad to know I am not alone out there.

  3. I, too, keep this dirty little secret! I know send the Amazon box to school!!! I have a little obsession with professional reads as well . . . now if I had the time to read them! Thanks for sharing your dirty little secret and now I know I’m not alone! 🙂

  4. Oh, the Amazon wish button. It’s caused me such trouble. I’m thinking finding a few new books is a bit like finding money in one of your coat pockets.


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