Spring Break Countdown

Four more days until Spring break. Just four more- but right now it feels like forty! The kids are off the chain and are testing (Why not, it’s been three days since the last testing session!) this week for the first hour and a half of every day. That means  the schedule runs about thirty minutes longer into the afternoon, and we have about an hour with each class. I am done, they are done, we are done- how’s that for a holiday declension?

Besides struggling to find things to keep the kids busy but not actually starting anything new that can’t be finished by Friday or will need to be graded over the break, I am also struggling with not thinking about all the things I anticipate doing over the break: sleeping late, staying up late, visiting the tanning bed, watching the stars with my grandsons, going to the beach, reading and writing, cooking, visiting the new exhibit at the zoo with the boys,  maybe cleaning…  You know what, I’m off the chain, too. My next-door colleague came into my classroom this morning with a look of pure frustration on her face. ” I need a break. I can’t do this much longer. I just asked ____ what the hell was wrong with him!”  Absolutely nothing a week off won’t cure!


One response to “Spring Break Countdown

  1. Off the chain! I love that description. Add in some 80 degree days and last week was really long! Counting down to Thursday, and it is a half day!!

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