Reasons not to bring school work home

I am so tired tonight, I’m not sure I will make it three more days. Two more hours of benchmark testing this morning and then a long day of teaching kids who are already on spring break tend to make me crabby. So tonight, I’m going to make a list of all the reasons to stay at school a little later and come home with an empty book bag:

-time to go to T-Ball practice with my husband and my grandsons

– time to soak in the tub

– time to read the paper on the deck

– time to watch TV with my husband and the cats

-time to read  the new professional books I found on my book shelf(!)

-time to do a load of laundry

-time to read  the new book I loaded onto my Kindle

-time to get to bed early

All very good reasons to leave school at school. Come on, Friday!


5 responses to “Reasons not to bring school work home

  1. A great reminder of why to leave school at school. I must admit I need to do this more often! Thanks for making me think of stuff I would put on my own list. I think I should make it and leave it on my desk at school!!

  2. The key phrase seems to be Time to (let me fill in the blank) live a life beyond the school walls. I hate it when the kids think break starts early. Some teachers act that way too. Hang on, it’s almost time!

  3. Your post speaks to me. Last night I brought home two boxes of writer’s notebooks. What was I thinking? Of course, I was able to get through just one class, then pass them out again, so they could write today, collect them again. I think I’m the hamster on the wheel. I told my students today to remind me that one class at a time is all I can do! Our spring break is also in three days! Woo Hoo!

    • Boy, do I feel your pain! I just recently swore off wnbs at home. I do one set before I leave for the day now and no more at home. That leaves me a set before school starts and then I’ve done the two sets I used to lug home in the same amount of time. I have got to learn to work smarter!

  4. This is a great reminder. I’ve actually started trying to stay a bit longer after school to get things done so I don’t bring school work home with me. It’s nice to come home and be ready to be just mom. I’m on spring break right now and am enjoying some time to catch up. Hopefully, upcoming spring break will bring the kids back ready to learn.

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